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Established in 2015, Al-Juzour for Food Industries is committed to revolutionizing the food processing and distribution industry through the use of state-of-the-art machinery to package premium grains. At Al-Juzour Food, we meticulously process, package, and distribute a wide range of top-quality grains and food products, including rice, sugar, spices, nuts, condiments, legumes, dates, and chocolate-covered dates under our primary brand "Fatfota Food" and other specialized brands. With extensive experience in agricultural crop products in Egypt and beyond, we collaborate closely with agricultural experts to ensure the highest quality. Our rigorous cleaning and polishing processes, along with safe storage conditions and adherence to NFSA health and safety guidelines, guarantee that our products are free from impurities and consistently meet our customers' satisfaction.

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Delivering top-quality ingredients to enhance nutritional experiences in Egyptian homes.

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To set the standard for food processing in Egypt and the Middle East by integrating innovative, quality-focused, and precision-driven processes to provide consumers with the utmost value in the market

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Our core principles - Hygiene, Safety, Accountability, Diversity, and Excellence - are woven into every aspect of our organization's operations and processes.


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Specializes in processing & distribution of agricultural crop products such as legumes, rice, pasta, sugar & more.

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Mob: +20 122 678 0888

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8 El-Nasr Rd, Masaken Al Mohandesin,Nasr City, Cairo Governorate

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